Cinema by Bartosch Salmanski. Used under a CC-BY-NC-2.0 licence.

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Many Christians in the west are so used to living in a media-saturated culture that we often take it for granted. And therefore we fail to think critically about it. Many parts of the majority world, on the other hand, have experienced very rapid and unsettling changes in the media’s presence within the culture.

Whatever the context, the church often struggles to know how best to respond. What does faithful discipleship in a media-dominated world look like? It is vital that the church in every part of the world develops more media awareness.

We are therefore  developing ways of resourcing the global church in media awareness. These resources will help Christians to think critically about, and to respond constructively to, the messages of mainstream media.

See our media awareness articles, videos, and resources.

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Photo credit: © Bartosch Salmanski. Used under a Creative Commons (CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0) licence.