Lars Dahle

How can we bear witness to Jesus Christ in the globalized media?

ars Dahle, Lausanne Catalyst for Media Engagement, talks about what it means to bear witness to Christ in a globalized media context in three key dimensions. This video was recorded at the European Leadership Forum in 2014, and is republished from the Forum of Christian Leaders. Transcript As Christians, we live in a media-saturated world – in a globalized media world. And as Christians, we …

Wayne Pederson – Lausanne Media Engagement Network

Introducing the Media Engagement Network

Wayne Pederson talks about the Lausanne Media Engagement Network’s task to get churches, ministries and individuals involved in media-related ministry.

There are many opportunities for us to be involved through social media, so media ministry is no longer just for organisations with enough money to run a radio or TV station. ‘We have multiple opportunities and more tools in our toolkit to be able to communicate the gospel,’ says Wayne.

Wayne explains that we’re encouraging Christians to select media as a career – not just in Christian media, but in the mainstream secular media, where they can be salt and light.

Finally, Wayne talks about the need to help Christians use media responsibly, since there are dangers as well as opportunities and much to enjoy.

As we learn to use media more effectively among ourselves, we can see society changed.