Lars Dahle

How can we bear witness to Jesus Christ in the globalized media?

ars Dahle, Lausanne Catalyst for Media Engagement, talks about what it means to bear witness to Christ in a globalized media context in three key dimensions. This video was recorded at the European Leadership Forum in 2014, and is republished from the Forum of Christian Leaders. Transcript As Christians, we live in a media-saturated world – in a globalized media world. And as Christians, we …

Media Engagement: A Global Missiological Task

Wherever we live in today’s world, information and communication technologies increasingly influence and impact our human lives, our Christian witness, and our Christian ministries. The varieties of local, global, and ‘glocal’ media messages provide complex contexts for the task of making the case for the truth of Christ in the 21st century. The missional issues related to media engagement are therefore of real significance to the global church.

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The threefold media challenge from Cape Town

Part Two of The Cape Town Commitment (CTC) summarizes the themes of Cape Town 2010, the Third Lausanne Congress. The first section of Part Two – ‘Bearing witness to the truth of Christ in a pluralistic, globalized world’ – includes a significant sub-section on the threefold media challenge and identifies major needs in Media Awareness, Media Presence and Media Ministries.