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The Media Communicators Network of the European Leadership Forum

The Media Communicators Network of the European Leadership Forum (ELF) provides a key European arena for the Lausanne Media Engagement Network.

In today’s world, journalism, film, television, and the Internet dominate the way we, as an increasingly global community, understand and relate to the world and each other. If Christians wish to make a meaningful impact upon the world, we need gifted communicators who want to relate biblical Christian faith to contemporary culture through these media platforms.

The Media Communicators Network seeks to encourage and equip existing or emerging leaders who can speak with authenticity and relevance from within these influential cultural arenas. It also focuses on biblical foundations and models, worldview analysis of media and popular culture, and critical reflections on creative communication in contemporary media contexts.

The network is led by Lars and Margunn Dahle.

Aims of the Media Communicators Network

The intention is to:

  • make interviews, lectures and workshops from ELF on media engagement available at this website
  • use the annual ELF event in Poland as a meeting place for networking, teaching, and training
  • invite younger media communicators from the global south to the annual ELF event
  • offer webinars for the global Lausanne community through FOCLOnline

Read more about the ELF Media Communicators Network here.

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Photo credit: © Tony Watkins. Used under a Creative Commons (CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0) licence.