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The Opportunities of New Media

About the Author

Krish Kandiah


Krish is President of London School of Theology and Founder and Director of Home for Good, as well as being a popular speaker, author and blogger.

During the “Media Messages Matter” multiplex session of the Cape Town Congress in 2010, Dr Krish Kandiah (who was then Executive Director: Churches in Mission for the UK Evangelical Alliance) talked about social media and the opportunities it gives the church..

Krish Kandiah speaks about the opportunities for outreach through social media.  The Church has always made use of current technology to spread the Gospel.  New media allows for immediate, global connections and networking. It gives us easy access to information and feedback. But it needs to be used well..

Krish stressed three aspects of new media:

  • New media is more of an opportunity than a threat
  • New media opens the ways for a genuinely global conversation
  • New media brings opportunities for releasing global evangelical networks

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Photo credit: © Jason Howie. Used under a Creative Commons (CC-BY-2.0) licence.