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Mobile Ministry Course

If you’re interested to learn more about taking advantage of mobile devices in ministry, sign up for the Mobile Ministry Training Course. It’s a four-week, online course to introduce any Christian to ministry opportunities using mobile devices.

There is an urgent need for more people to be understand, and be involved in, mobile-based ministry. We’ve reached a point at which more people access the Internet on mobile devices (phones and tablets) than on desktop or laptop computers. Mobile devices are, without doubt, the most important technology available for advancing the kingdom of God.

The Mobile Ministry Training Course, which is affiliated with the Mobile Ministry Forum, has run twice in 2015 so far, and will run again from 6 October 2015. The course co-ordinator is John Edmiston, CEO of Cybermissions, with various lecturers from the Mobile Ministry Forum acting as training facilitators.

The course costs $40 (a limited number of scholarships are available at $30).

Visit the Mobile Ministry Forum website for more information on the Mobile Ministry Training Course.

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Photo credit: © Johan Larsson. Used under a Creative Commons (CC-BY-2.0) licence.