Phill Butler

Missiology and Strategic Alliances for Global Outreach through the Media

At the Lausanne Global Consultation on Media and the Gospel in November 2013, Phill Butler gave a presentation on the importance of strategic alliances and partnerships if we are to make effective use of the media in mission.

Phill presented statistics showing the tremendous interest in exploring Christianity through the Internet and mobile devices, with a focus on the Middle East. This is a great opportunity for media ministries, but it requires genuine partnership between ministries if we are to succeed. Without strategic alliances, we will encounter many difficulties.

Phill Butler’s slide presentation

About the Author

Phill Butler


Author and internationally acknowledged expert in partnerships and strategic alliances, Phill Butler has led the way in developing missional partnerships among Christian organizations in more than 70 countries for nearly three decades. Phill is the founder and current Senior Strategic Advisor of visionSynergy, and was the previous founder and director of Interdev and Intercristo. In his earlier years, Phill was an international radio and news correspondent with ABC News. His book on effective strategic partnerships, Well Connected, is available to download free as an ebook (PDF) in English, Spanish or Russian.

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