Lady Tracie Edmiston

How can CV Outreach help your church connect online?

Lady Tracie Edmiston, co-founder of CV (Christian Vision) talks abut CV Outreach, which helps churches leverage the power of Google Grants so that they can be much more effective in reaching out online.


CV Outreach is a great new initiative that we’re piloting, particularly in North America. It harnesses the Google Grants system where Google will give up to $10,000 a month to organisations in order to enhance their AdWords campaigns and to reach people through the Google Grants system and Google search.

Churches very often use internet for their local services, to advertise their facilities and what they’re doing, but don’t always use it to reach out and share the gospel to the people in their community. We believe they want to share, but sometimes don’t know how to.

CV Outreach is a service to pastors and leaders of churches to help them to harness this fabulous opportunity, to reach out to people in their community, to people who are searching with needs, and then connect them back through to the local church. The local church do the follow-up, as emails and responses to any campaigns that are run actually go back through to the local church.

And so the need is that people who are searching for answers can be connected to the church, the church themselves respond and befriend, and connect with those people to then help introduce them to Jesus, and introduce them to the church.

So, our team are there; they will optimise the spend that Google allow, up to $10,000, with the best words in order to attract, and place the ads to the maximum number of people at any one time. The internet’s a great opportunity. This is one campaign that’s currently available and that we feel has great opportunity to reach people searching for Jesus.


Filmed at European Leadership Forum, Wisla, Poland in May 2017.

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