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Foundations of Media Strategy online course

Media is widely used in every kind of outreach ministry. The Church has decades of history in using a traditional broadcast approach to media – pushing content out to large audiences.

This is not effective in our new media world and we need new strategies. It is no longer enough to push out the story you want to tell using traditional media or even social media channels, and hope that you will connect with an audience.

We must learn to shape our strategies and our content to pull people into conversations. We need to learn how to connect with people who filter and search for the stories they want to hear, based on their interests and desires. This requires a radical re-thinking on our part! We need an approach that can foster deeper connections and make ‘disciples who make disciples’ to saturate a culture.

A training opportunity

“The clearest articulation of the core principles of internet evangelism I’ve found anywhere.”

The Mission Media University of the Visual Story Network offers a five-week online mentored course in Foundations of Media Strategy a few times during the year. As well as the live sessions (which are recorded for later review), there are 20-minute prerecorded lectures to watch prior to each session and two hours a week of independent work.

What you’ll get from the course

  • “You don’t know what you don’t know. This course will help you find holes in what you’re doing and enable you to be effective with minimal waste!”

    a foundational overview of a field-driven media strategy philosophy
  • tools and encouragement to develop an intentional outreach strategy using new media so you and your team are more effective in evangelism
  • training on how to wrap content around your strategy instead of wrapping strategy around your content in order to best reach your target audience
  • insights on reaching ‘least-reached’ peoples
  • access to current ‘best practice’ resources from thought leaders around the world
  • connections with expert instructors and like minded peers around the world

Sign up for the course

Find more information and sign up at the Foundations of Media Strategy course page.


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