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Foundations of Media Strategy online course

Media is widely used in every kind of outreach ministry. The Church has decades of history in traditional media campaigns using a broadcast approach, ‘pushing’ content out to large audiences.

The game has changed with the advent of new media paradigms, especially social media. Social media is the primary way most people on earth engage with media content. It is no longer enough to tell the story you want to tell over traditional media or social media channels, and hope that you will connect with an audience.

We must learn to shape our strategies and our content to ‘pull’ people into conversations. We need to learn how to connect with audiences that filter and search for the stories they want to hear, based on their interests and desires. This requires a radical re-thinking on our part! We need an approach that can foster deeper connections and make ‘disciples who make disciples’ to saturate a culture.

A training opportunity

“This was the clearest articulation of the core principles of internet evangelism, I’ve found anywhere.”

The Mission Media University of the Visual Story Network is offering a five-week online course in Foundations of Media Strategy, beginning Wednesday, February 16.

Each live session will be on Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8.00, use this time zone converter). Live course dates: February 16, February 23, March 2, March 9, March 16. Live sessions will be recorded for later review. To receive the course certificate, you must attend at least four out of the live sessions.

Course Objectives

  • “A good back to the drawing board exercise for anyone floundering with digital content strategy and results.”

    Provide a foundational overview of a field-driven media strategy philosophy.
  • encourage and equip missional people and teams to develop an intentional outreach strategy using new media.
  • Teach that content should be wrapped around the strategy instead of strategy wrapped around content.
  • Provide tools and encouragement to develop a field-drive strategy.

Sign up for the course

Find more information and sign up at the Foundations of Media Strategy course page.

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