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Story in Ministry online course

How well do you understand story? How well does your organization understand story? It has been said, ‘he who has the best story wins.’ But in reality, ‘the one who tells the best story wins.’ That person wins our attention, our interest and our loyalty. As Christ followers, we have the greatest story ever told. Yet we do not always tell it well. We rob God of His glory when we do not inspire people to consider the only narrative that gives life abundant and eternal.

This is why we want to see a movement of God’s people communicating timeless truth through story leading to life-change through Jesus.

Why We Need To Story Better

  • God is the Great Storyteller. We need to be more like Him.
  • Story is at our core – hardwired into our DNA.
  • We steal from God’s glory when we don’t tell His stories well.
  • For the sake of the Great Commission, the body of Christ must learn the art of story as it relates to evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.
  • Learning the art of story will change how we live our stories, tell stories, write stories, film stories.
  • If we don’t tell our own story well, others will tell it for us.

An online training opportunity

A must for anyone who wants to improve at telling the most important story ever.

The Mission Media University of the Visual Story Network offers a five-week online course in Story in Ministry a few times during the year.

The one-hour weekly live sessions are recorded for later review, and require two hours of independent work each week.

“Story in Ministry was instrumental in my pursuit to become a better filmmaker this year.”

This course is for mission practitioners who are actively trying to reach and teach people in the way of Christ, creatives with a missional heart seeking to better understand the art of story, and leaders of mission organizations, churches and ministries seeking to be more effective at reaching, teaching and leading.

Sign up for the course

Find more information, or to sign up for the Story in Ministry course click here.

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