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Mobiles in Mission online course

Mobile is a tsunami. Learn how to ride the wave! If you go to the largest city or the darkest jungle, the people you meet are likely to have a mobile phone. Most of us have anxiety when separated from our mobile devices. The fear of not having your phone now has an official classification – nomophobia (no mobile phobia). Mobile’s ubiquity and growing capabilities offer an amazing ministry opportunity. Mobile represents the most important technology available for kingdom advancement today for individuals and organizations alike. Mobile trend expert Tomi Ahonen recently stated “it’s time to double your efforts using mobile.” If you are just getting started – or don’t know where to start – this course is perfect for you.

Why use mobiles in ministry?

“It’s time to double your efforts using mobile.”

Whether a feature phone or a smartphone, the majority of web use now happens on mobile phone screens. Too few Christians and ministries leverage the opportunities that this device provides their outreach. Hundreds of millions of unreached people have access to the digital world for the first time. What will they find? As followers of Christ we have the chance to offer the hope and freedom found in Christ. We define mobile ministry as the use of mobile technology to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. By the way, for us mobile technology is mobile phones (feature phones and smartphones) and the tablets.

An online training opportunity

The Mission Media University of the Visual Story Network offers a five-week online mentored course entitled Mobiles in Mission: Using the Tool in Everyone’s Pocket a few times during the year. As well as the live one-hour sessions (which are recorded for later review), the course involves two hours a week of independent work.

The Mobiles in Mission course instructor is Keith Williams, director of Mobile Advance, an initiative of WEC International. Keith has assisted in the implementation of mobile ministry initiatives in more than 35 countries and has helped in the development, testing and promotion of various innovative mobile ministry approaches. Keith previously served ten years as a missionary and team leader in the Arab world.

What you’ll get from the course

  • insight and inspiration on how God is using the mobile revolution as the most recent “Roman road” for the gospel
  • foundational training in using your mobile device in ministry (evangelism, discipleship, church planting)
  • connections with expert instructors and like-minded peers around the world
  • culturally and technologically appropriate mobile tools and techniques for your ministry environment
  • practice in developing media for your own ministry context
  • resources to provide you further direction after the course

Sign up for the course

Find more information and sign up at the Mobiles in Mission: Using the Tool in Everyone’s Pocket course page.

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