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On Being Gospel and Media People: Reflections of a Senior Missiologist

I enjoyed following the conversation on the threefold media challenge from Cape Town, subsequently reiterated by the 2012 Lausanne Regional Consultation on the Gospel and Media in Kristiansand. It has brought back memories of my younger years in the world of media in Denmark, Ethiopia, Geneva and Norway – some of these years were actually in Kristiansand with the International Mass Media Institute where we were deeply engaged in the trinity of awareness, presence and ministries. Since then my life and focus have moved into leadership, missiology, theology of religion and other obscure matters, but when the smell of media reaches my nostrils, I can still smell the sawdust of the circus. My small contribution to the conversation will focus on two interconnected issues: the worldview of the media and a Christian worldview; and the absolute need for Christians to be involved as salt and light.

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Faith and Secular Journalism

Thank you for raising us out of the gutter’ was how my editor put it, when I left my last newspaper. I wasn’t a born-again believer yet – but was on the way. God is at work in us even before we can speak the required religious formulae – and is at work in a hundred more ‘secular’ newsrooms up and down the country.

Ruth Limkin

Challenge and Commissioning: Using the Media Boldly

n the final session of the Lausanne Global Consultation on Media and the Gospel, November 2013, Ruth Limkin challenged us to be using the media boldly and thoughtfully to create opportunities for meaningful conversations and positive change in society. She shares compelling stories from her own blog and experiences. Ruth Limkin is a pastor, writer and media consultant, and political advisor.

Phil Cooke

Leading Change

e live in a ‘culture of unlimited choice’, with thousands of messages being communicated to us through a plethora of media platforms. Phil Cooke discusses how ministries and organizations can clearly communicate their cause in this ‘cluttered’ digital age. This presentation was given at the Lausanne Global Consultation on Media and the Gospel, November 2013. An internationally known writer and speaker, …