Lars Dahle and Tony Watkins

Resourcing Christians for Media Awareness and Critique

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The Lausanne Movement

The Lausanne Movement

We would like to introduce a number of helpful media awareness resources to the international Lausanne community, and to other interested readers. This is one of the three main dimensions of media engagement on which this site focuses.

This is related to the following emphasis in The Cape Town Commitment:

[We need] to help people develop a more critical awareness of the messages they receive, and of the worldview behind them. The media can be neutral, and sometimes gospel friendly. But they are also used for pornography, violence and greed. We encourage pastors and churches to face these issues openly and to provide teaching and guidance for believers in resisting such pressures and temptations.

We are still in the early days of this site, and there are many more resources to be produced. So far they include resources which help Christians to critically engage with the following key aspects of the media:





Social Media

These insightful and practical resources are ideal for using individually, in families, churches, schools and other educational institutions.

For further media awareness resources, have a look at two key resources from Damaris UK: the Damaris Film Blog and the Film & Bible Blog (the latter is no longer being updated, but is still a great resource on films and other media).

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