Edward Cannon, Wayne Pederson, Lauren Libby

Effective and Innovative Use of Radio in Sharing the Gospel Globally

Radio has been a dominant means of communicating the gospel all over the world. Edward Cannon, Wayne Pederson, and Lauren Libby share their expertise and experiences in this fruitful ministry at the Lausanne Global Consultation on Media and the Gospel (November 2013). They also discuss how their organizations are adapting to new methods of communication and seeking to connect to today’s generation.

Media Engagement: A Global Missiological Task

Wherever we live in today’s world, information and communication technologies increasingly influence and impact our human lives, our Christian witness, and our Christian ministries. The varieties of local, global, and ‘glocal’ media messages provide complex contexts for the task of making the case for the truth of Christ in the 21st century. The missional issues related to media engagement are therefore of real significance to the global church.